If you're like me, and haven't begun thinking about Valentine's plans or presents (until I started researching for this gift guide) then here are some ideas to get you started. FYI - Valentine's Day is THIS Sunday so you don't have too much time to waste. 

Also, everything is under $100. Great gifts without breaking the bank - yes please!

1. THE COUCH DWELLER (Slippers) - An LL Bean classic, and the perfect gift for the guy who enjoys his lazy days parked on the couch binging on Netflix, playing video games, and watching sports.

2. THE TRAVELER (Weekend Bag) - If he loves surprise overnight getaways and weekends away this bag is ideal. It's totally functional without sacrificing style.

3. THE FITNESS ENTHUSIAST (Wireless Headphones) - These headphones make running and working out to your own music a breeze. They eliminate the hassle of cords while keeping the sound quality - score!

4. THE ORGANIZER (Dopp Kit) - If throwing his toothbrush in with his shoes doesn't fly than this Tumi travel kit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It will keep his hair product, deodorant and moisturizer neatly organized and easy to find in an otherwise chaotic suitcase.

5. THE MIRROR LOVER (Skin Care) - If your guy takes better care of himself than you do, this skin care trio is perfection. This luxury line will keep both him and his skin happy. 

6. THE BEER CONNOISSEUR (Beer Flight) - If his ideal weekend is spent at the local brewery this fun flight allows him to bring the experience home. Pair it with a few craft beers he has been eyeing and your job is done! 

7. THE BUSINESSMAN (Tie Clip) - If suits are his norm, the addition of this edgy tie clip may be just what he needs to set the new standard of style at the office, and for only $15 you can throw in a tie and pair of socks to round out the perfect gift.

8. THE FASHION MAVEN (Bomber Jacket) - As we all grow weary of our winter gear, this lightweight bomber provides a stylish glimmer of hope that spring is on it's way. I am loving army green for guys right now - I'm thinking it's the new navy.

9. THE COOL CAT (Sunglasses) - A great pair of sunglasses can take just about any look from undistinguished to GQ. If he has yet to hop on the stylish sunglasses bandwagon - now is your chance! 

Happy Valentine's Week!