Temperatures are on the rise for this weekend's forecast and boy are we ready to head outside. Phil is going to Nashville today for a bachelor party, so my mom is coming into town to keep me company, and most importantly spend time with Ruby.

I am hoping we will spend most of our time outside, exploring the city. Since we moved to Chicago in the middle of winter our days spent outdoors have been limited, so I am excited to take advantage of this warmer weather. I'm thinking brunch, checking out some local shops and a trip to the zoo sounds like the perfect agenda!

I am equally as excited to leave my boots and knee length, puffy winter coat (I look like a walking sleeping bag) at home and head out in flats and one of my more fun, not quite as practical coats. The topper to what I am sure will be a great weekend!

 Coat | Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Shoe | Sunglasses

I hope wherever you are that you are blessed with this much needed glimpse into spring!