Wearing White In The Winter

Express Zelda Jean

In my mind, the worst “fashion rule” is not being able to wear white after Labor Day. First off, I don’t know who decided rules were allowed in the fashion industry. Fashion is a form of expression, it’s an art. It would be like telling Pablo Picasso that he could not paint with primary colors, just crazy. When I think winter, I think snowflakes, I think snowmen, I think snow, I think white. If white is worn correctly it can easily be transformed into a year round wardrobe staple. When wearing white in the winter is important to keep the fabric of the piece you are wearing in mind. You wouldn’t wear a lavender eyelet dress with tights in the winter so don’t try a white eyelet dress with tights in the winter. Keep the fabric thick and cozy, you want to be practical and not freeze your tidbits off while trying something new.

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Denim is an easy place to start. It is more than likely that you already own a pair of white jeans, and it is even more likely that they are your favorite pair of jeans! By pairing these seasonal favorites with an oversized, chunky sweater you are instantly creating a look that is winter appropriate. Add a pair of boots and you have completed your winter white outfit.

The crispness of white denim paired with a cozy sweater and practical boots gives you an instant polished look perfect for any fireside gathering.