What Shoes To Wear With Dress Pants

Shoes with Dress Pants

If you are among the dwindling numbers of women required to dress business professional finding appropriate pieces for the office may prove to be challenging. Dress code worthy looks are often a mood dampener as adding your own personal style can be difficult without drawing unwanted attention. Shoes are the simplest and quickest way to add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise bland uniform. Dress pants are a staple in any business professional environment and figuring out the right shoe to pair them with can be tricky. Keep these rules in mind when you are on your next shoe-shopping binge and you will never second guess yourself again.

  1. Wear a Pointed Toe Shoe - Dress Pants highlight the toe of a shoe making a pointed toe shoe your best option. A pointed toe allows more of the shoe to be shown than a rounded or square toe. This type of shoe also elongates your legs making them appear thinner and you appear taller.
  2. No Open Toe Shoes - Leave any and all open toed shoes at home! No one cares if you just got a pedicure; the office is not the place for your naked feet. Not only are open toed shoes inappropriate in a business professional environment they are not flattering when paired with dress pants. The peep toe cuts you off and all anyone sees “peeping” under your dress pants are your toes, not a shoe.
  3. Look for Shoes with Detail – Sparkle and embellishments add to the character and personality of your overall look. Try a pointy toe shoe like this Zara heel with a patterned detail. Remember to keep the pizazz where people can see it. Although this shoe has a gorgeous double ankle strap the toe area is what people are going to see.
  4. Try a Kitten Heel – If you work long hours that are spent mostly on your feet go for a lower heeled, more manageable shoe. This Kate Spade kitten heel packs quite the punch and is just as glamorous as a 5-inch stiletto. The detail at the toe is modern and funky while the overall look of the shoe remains professional. The kitten heel is a must have trend this season, so while you may feel like you are stepping back in time you are actually moving fashionably forward!
  5. In a Pinch – Stay Classic – Running late and barely have time to brush your teeth? Keep it simple and reach for your classic black pointy toe pump like this one from Steve Madden. This style of shoe is a must have in any woman’s closet. Its versatility is unmatched and will compliment any look in a hurry. Spend money on a quality pair that will last you multiple seasons and save them for chaotic mornings or days where you just cant seem to get your look right. I promise this classic style will save you on multiple occasions.

I hope these 5 simple rules have given you a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Business professional can seem mundane but when you add a little sparkle and shine every outfit has the potential to be fabulous!


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