When And When Not To Tuck In


Somehow the idea of a top being “tucked in” was overtime transformed into a major taboo. Granted Steve Urkel’s high water jean and suspender ensemble did not flatter a tucked in shirt. Neither did the era of high waisted mom jeans. Luckily, the 1990’s are over and society is taking steps in the right direction. When debating whether or not to tuck in it is important to keep the material of the shirt you are wearing in mind. A cotton material top tends to be more clingly and less flattering when tucked in often showcasing a tummy or love handles. A blousy, silk material shirt is more forgiving and defines a waistline when tucked in by allowing the material to billow out from the tucked in bottom.

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It is also important to keep the occasion of the outfit in mind when deciding whether or not to tuck in. Typically a tucked in top is seen at more formal occasions. For instance if you are wearing a blousy top, pencil skirt and blazer to the office it is best to tuck in, it provides a more polished, put together look. On the contrary if you are attending an outdoor birthday party and plan on wearing a button up top with dark wash jeans and fun flats it is better to keep your shirt untucked and the look relaxed.

This isn’t the 1990’s, tucking in a top is even more flattering and chic when done the right way. Give it a whirl!