White With Pastels

White with Pastels

White is a color most women look forward to wearing as soon as the weather gives the go ahead. Its neutral versatility allows for it to be paired with practically any item in our closet deeming it an obvious staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Although white allows us flexibility in our ensemble choices women often stick to what they know and keep the look classic, with the addition of black or navy. Pastels are often looked over when it comes to creating looks that are inspired by white, for instance a white skinny jean. This mint  back button tee and light pink blazer would compliment any white bottom beautifully. Gold accessories like this pair of gold stud flats gives the look a rich, sophisticated feel and allows you to abstain from trying to look too young and cutesy.

As you begin to unearth your favorite whites this spring try mixing up your look with the addition of soft pastels and statement gold accessories!



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