Why Do I Wear 5 Different Sizes?

Why Do I Wear Different Sizes

A common question and one I often asked myself is, “why do I wear 5 different sizes?”  I wasn’t growing or gaining and losing a bunch of weight yet my sizes seemed to constantly vary. I never ordered anything without first trying it on because guessing my size was too much of a gamble. Eventually I got over ordering anxiety and learned what key factors play into finding the perfect size 1. EVERY BRAND FITS DIFFERENTLY – No two brands cut their clothing the same way, which makes universal sizing out of the question.  For instance, H&M runs on a European size chart, which runs much smaller than US sizing. You might typically wear a size 6 jean but at H&M you find yourself in a 10. Don’t worry, last night’s ice cream cone didn’t add 25 pounds the cut of the clothes are just much different than you may be used to.

  • ADVICE  - Find a select few brands whose style and fit always seem to work on you. Jot down your sizes and the next time you are browsing online you will be confident in placing an order that you will be satisfied with. This is also a great way to find fabulous deals! If you know what you like and what fits start browsing the clearance tab and sign up for a select few email alerts. You will be on your way to a less frustrating and budget friendly wardrobe in no time!

2. JUNIORS VS. WOMEN – I frequently see women shopping in the junior’s department who outgrew those sizes long ago. The junior’s section is meant for the young girls and teenagers who are stuck in that awkward in between stage. They are too old to be shopping in the little girls section but too young to be shopping in the women’s. The junior’s section is not for middle-aged women who pride themselves on being able to squeeze into a size 13 jean. This genre of clothing is sized completely different (much smaller) as the pieces are meant to appeal to and flatter young girls.

  • ADVICE - Once you hit 21 head to the women’s department and don’t look back!

3. PRICE RELATES TO SIZE – It’s true, more expensive clothes runner truer to size and their sizes are more consistent. A quality brand of clothing prides themselves on fit and therefore take precautions to ensure customers are satisfied with the end result. Less expensive brands of clothing are often more concerned with quantity over quality and the attention to fit suffers.

  • ADVICE – Know what you are buying. Don’t expect an inexpensive brand that you are unfamiliar with to fit, often times the quality of the fit is the   first to go in mass production.

I hope this helps in your quest to find your perfect size! Keep these 3 simple ideas in mind and you will be headed in the right direction.


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